Our Story

     LION HEART CLOTHING is a Texas brand that was founded in April of 2014 by Briana Medina and Dominique Jones. The co-founders are long-time friends since their days in high school in the city of El Paso, Texas. They both experienced their own individual life challenges but continued to overcome adversity together. Briana and Dominique were inspired by their struggles to create a movement, a movement to inspire others. This movement included inspiring others to be their own individual self, to motivate others to make the first step to make their dreams a reality, to Be Fearless, and to motivate others to do the same.
     Being different comes with a price, it’s not easy to be different, in the sense that everybody else may see it as weird, disobedient, or a fault of some sort that you are or are not aware of. At LION HEART CLOTHING we understand that feeling, from being different ourselves. We have goals in our lives that everyone doesn’t quite see eye to eye with. That includes our own parents, longtime friends, people we did business with and acquaintances. We noticed how that feeling of doubt can take a toll on somebody, especially if they aren’t surrounded by other inspiring people so we decided to establish a community, or better yet a pride. Something to show the world, that despite the fact that you may appear to be alone, different, or singled out for any reason, you never stand alone. Others will be able to see that you have a community of different people embracing the differences in other people. We chose everyday as a band of misfit friends that became family, to live out our dreams, and live to out every day of our lives to the fullest, which in turn became our motto, to Be Fearless. Henceforth, LION HEART CLOTHING was born, and with everything going on in the world, there couldn’t have been a more opportune time!

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Our Resolve

     Inspired by the unforgiving and unapologetic. By those of you who stand up for what you want, those that do not and will not succumb to traditional societal views. For open minds and raging spirits. For love, peace, unity, respect, and understanding that at times there is need for war! For the leaders of the new world, one filled with endless possibilities, the trend setters, the risk takers, the innovators. This is for those of you at the bottom who do not want to be silenced any longer. We stand and fight alongside one another, for those who are not able to do so for themselves. We wear our lion hearts on our feet, on our waste, on our chest, and over our sleeves. We are one Pride with awareness that our differences bring us together that the distances between us makes us close. Be Fearless is what we truly believe in and strive for. We encourage you to conquer your fears and to venture out beyond your borders and the limits set by others, we encourage you to prove the nay-sayers wrong, we encourage you to live out your dreams and accomplish your goals, because you have the power within to change the world and make it a better place! Young or old, black or white, man or woman, and everything in between is seen as beautiful, powerful, amazing, and unique.