Autism Awareness

      Back in 2016 we were approached by some of our very close friends to help raise awareness for autism! We immediately took up this responsibility without hesitation! The young man you see to the right is our closest reason for raising awareness! Little Derek is a very caring, very smart, and very nice kid! Getting to spend time with Derek during the design process, photoshoot, and the local autism walk was the greatest privilege. Derek is the image we get when we think of Be Fearless. He, along with his family and friends of course have to confront autism every day and they do so with love, empathy and compassion! Autism awareness is not simply about tolerance and acceptance. It's about understanding and having the realization that the people affected by this are just like us with more challenges to face daily. We are very grateful for the opportunity to work with Derek and his family and to take on this responsibility. LION HEART CLOTHING will continue to support Autism awareness, and we appreciate every single person who helped us by doing their part in sharing posts, spreading awareness, purchasing shirts for the donation, and proving that LION HEART CLOTHING is a BE FEARLESS lifestyle!

     Every year for the month of March leading up to April (Autism Awareness Month), LION HEART CLOTHING will have Autism Awareness Tees available for purchase. All proceeds will be donated to the Autism Society of America (ASA).